Justin Theroux Will Direct 'Chief Ron'

Justin TherouxYou might not immediately recognize the name of Justin Theroux, but you certainly know his face and his work. As an actor he's appeared in tons of films, including "American Psycho," "Mulholland Drive," "Zoolander" and "Miami Vice." He also recently made headlines behind the camera, co-writing "Tropic Thunder" and writing the script for "Iron Man 2." Now he's set to direct his first feature film for Universal Studios, a comedy entitled "Chief Ron."

According to Variety, "Chief Ron" was written by Jordan Roberts and is based on the true story of Chief Ronald A. Roberts, also known as Sachem Golden Eagle of the Western Mohegans. Roberts claimed to be the descendant of a Mohegan chief, and the leader of a lost tribe of Native Americans living in Granville, New York. He then used his heritage in order to try to open a casino on "tribal land."

Roberts' blond hair and blue eyes led many to doubt his story, despite him possessing genealogical proof spanning eight generations. Roberts ultimately ended up pleading guilty to forging those historical documents and fabricating his Native American persona, though he narrowly escaped jail time. It sounds as though Theroux's movie will fudge the facts a bit, with his own Chief Ron prevailing in court and getting his casino. Since the real Roberts disappeared from the news after being set free in 2004, perhaps he really did!

The shoot doesn't have a start date, but this should be a fun one to watch out for in terms of casting, particularly given the friends and connections Theroux has. Something tells me this is only one of many big directing gigs for this multi-talented guy...

MTV readers, do you think Justin Theroux is set to become a big household name? What do you think of "Chief Ron"? Do you think its legal history might lead to some controversy further down the road?