The Cast of The Nation's Number One Film Talk 'Hangover 2'

'The Hangover'Now that “The Hangover” is the number-one movie in the country, Warner Bros are looking like geniuses for greenlighting a sequel months before it was even released. So when we spoke with the cast of the uproariously funny film recently, we got the scoop on where the four hungover friends might go from here.

“I'd love to do [a sequel], because I love working with these guys more than anything; this is the most fun I've had on the set of a movie,” director Todd Phillips explained. “I have some good ideas floating around of where to take it."

One of these ideas would almost certainly revolve around Ed Helms’ geeky dentist Stu, last seen ditching his overbearing fiancée for a sexy Las Vegas stripper. “I think it just should be all about me and Ed, basically,” Heather Graham -- who plays the aforementioned stripper -- explained. “It would be fun if we dated, and there was more stuff going on with us -- that would be really fun."

"The Hangover"'s missing groom Justin Bartha has a different idea. “I hope ‘The Hangover 2’ is just Doug, and he loses the three friends and has to go find them,” Bartha said, grinning. “I have a feeling that’s not what’s going to happen, and it might just be the same thing. Either way, I’m very excited about it; I think it’ll be a great time, just like the original.”

"[We’re going to call it] ‘Still Hungover,’ yeah that's what it would be,” joked Phillips, teasing some of the lame sequel titles from the Eighties. “No, but we do have a lot of ideas that we've been bouncing back and forth -- we being me and my writing partner… all the usual suspects would be back."

With all four hungover pals confirmed for the sequel, funnyman Helms gave us an inkling of where he’d like Stu’s story to go. “I think we would go take a submarine to Atlantis, and live with people that are half-person, half-sea horse,” he explained. “I'd probably hook up with Ariel the little mermaid - because she's really hot, let’s face it. And there would probably be a little Caribbean crab that sang calypso songs."

In all seriousness, what storylines would you like to see the “Hangover” sequel go into?