Which 'Twilight' Line Was the Fake? Here Is Your Answer!

Catherine HardwickeIt was a pleasant surprise last week to learn that director Catherine Hardwicke had 8 other takes on the classic “Twilight” line: “You’d better hold on tight, spider monkey.” It was even more pleasant when she gave those alternate lines to MTV, and we revealed them in a little quiz on the MTV Movies Blog.

But the most pleasant surprise of all? My little joke about Robert Pattinson’s hair tricked 21% of you guys into thinking it was real. Hee hee!

Yep, that’s right: Out of the 4 options that we ran on Friday, these are the 3 real lines that Catherine gave to Robert Pattinson on that memorable day of filming:

- “Prepare for takeoff..."

- “Fasten your seat belt, it's going to be a bumpy ride."

- “Are you secure? There may be some turbulence."

Which means that she never asked RPattz to say “Don't worry. My hair acts as an airbag,” as funny as it would have been to hear that.

An amazing 79% of you guys were able to correctly identify the fake line. What’s even more amazing however is that 21% of you guys thought that Rob was asked to deliver the “airbag” line. Melissa Rosenberg, if you’re reading this -– feel free to use the line in your “Eclipse” screenplay if you like. All I ask is a "thank you" in the credits and a background character at Forks High (maybe the janitor?) named after me. Ha ha.

So, here’s my next question: Out of the three real lines we put on the Blog, and the other five we put on the Movies page, which do you like best?

If Rob and Catherine could shoot the scene again, would you have liked them to use one of the eight alternative lines? Or will nothing ever be better than “Spider monkey” in your eyes?