'Star Wars' Fan Art Is A Little Bit Creepy, A Little Bit Awesome

'Star Wars'Have you ever wondered what the original "Star Wars" trilogy would have been like if Elvis Presley had played Han Solo? I have to admit that I haven't, but that's what we have Worth1000 for. The website's latest image manipulation contest [via Cinematical] asked fans to insert celebrity images into "Star Wars" iconography. This is actually the website fifth return to a "Star Wars"-themed contest. The results are sometimes great and sometimes off-putting, but the whole collection is thoroughly entertaining.

As a "Star Wars" fan, I have to say that I get a great kick out of seeing series creator George Lucas's head on the body of a Sith. I've grabbed a couple of images for you to look at after the jump, but I strongly recommend heading over to Worth1000.com for the full shebang.

He bore the weight of the One Ring, faced down Sauron's armies and snuck into the heart of Mordor. And now he's the mother of the twins who will one day bring balance to the Force. Here you have Worth1000 user Treason's freakish melding of Queen Amidala with Elijah Wood.

He delighted audiences with his warbling speech and she delighted him with her robotic femininity. Now you can see Wall-E and Eve as George Lucas's constantly at-odds robot companions R2-D2 and C-3P0 (from Worth1000 user DaemonDCLXVI).

"Yes we can." That was Barack Obama's campaign tagline, and he rode those three words to a presidential victory. Worth1000 user Fichtenbrenner puts forth an alternate tagline with this image: "There is no try." I dig.