Twitter-Wood: 'Star Trek'-Inspired Kindle Designs And 'Transformers' Cast Sees Their Film

Wil WheatonI am back, and Friday must be a busy day in Hollywood, because the "Twitter-Wood" feed was tweeting off the hook this afternoon. As usual, you can learn a lot from Rainn Wilson and Wil Wheaton. Both were rattling off tales of recent escapades. But there was plenty of shop talk, too, with writer Brian Lynch offering up his thoughts on James Cameron's "Avatar" (not to be confused with M. Night Shyamalan's "The Last Night Airbender").

Also, I'm tagging today's post with an advance warning of brief "Star Trek" nerdery, as Wil Wheaton's post calls out the version of Christopher Pike in the original TV series, not the new one played by Bruce Greenwood in the J.J. Abrams film. And with that, here is today's Hollywood Twitter report in the words of the actors, directors, and writers who make it all happen.

@rainnwilson I am in Lawndale, CA and believe me when I say there are no lawns here.

-Rainn Wilson, Actor ("The Office," "The Rocker")

@BrianLynch Also read the screenplay to James Cameron's AVATAR. Really weird, it's a 70 page discourse on love set in a grocery store.

-Brian Lynch, Writer ("Puss in Boots," "Big Helium Dog")

@wilw @vectorb I'm working on a Kindle version, an ePub version, and a version that communicates in Christopher Pike blinking lights.

-Wil Wheaton, Actor/Writer ("Stand By Me," "Star Trek: The Next Generation")

@Tyrese4ReaL What is gonna be the best part of your Friday?? I'm gonna go first. Today @3pm me & the cast are gonna see the final cut of Transformer 2!!

-Tyrese Gibson, Actor (”Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”)

@likemark My son is one!!! Flying back to LA for 24 hours. For the big little man's birthday bash!

-Mark Webber, Actor/Director ("Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World," "Explicit Ills")

@ashleytisdale - Larissa and I in Germany!! Have to be honest, I'm kinda jet lagged.

-Ashley Tisdale, Actress ("High School Musical")

@BBBaumgartner Raining again today. To celebrate- I decided to celebrate like all LA peeps do. By driving like an absolute idiot.

-Brian Baumgartner, Actor ("The Office")

@ThatKevinSmith Carnegie Hall Tix: 1853 sold, 651 to go. Saturday's Stocky Night in Canada sold out (1100); hope Carnegie can too.

-Kevin Smith, Actor/Director/Writer ("Zack and Miri Make a Porno," "Clerks")