Kurt Loder Reviews 'Land Of The Lost'

'Land of the Lost'FROM MTV.COM: Many a '70s kid thrilled to the cheesy TV series "Land of the Lost," and some of them, it appears, grew up to run movie studios. That might explain why this decrepit property has now been turned into a movie. It doesn't excuse it, though. The picture is a CGI adventure comedy with a mild line in PG-13 laughs, a surprising lack of fresh adventure (did the filmmakers chop up an early print of "Journey to the Center of the Earth" and smoke it?), and very little in the way of digital dinosaurs and whatnot that haven't been paraded past us many times before. It's worth noting that two of the movie's funniest scenes — one involving a giant mosquito and the other a confrontation with Matt Lauer on the "Today" show — can be seen for free in the trailer. Just a suggestion.

The plot is a thing of standard-issue silliness. Will Ferrell, in his familiar arrogant-dork mode, is Dr. Rick Marshall, an expert in "quantum paleontology" and inventor of a "tachyon amplifier" that allows its operator to travel "sideways in time." Rick is an idiot, of course, but he does have one champion — a pretty young English scientist named Holly Cantrell (Anna Friel), who pops up out of nowhere with the news that she has proved Rick's tachyon theory to be true.

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