Twitter-Wood: Disgusting Facial Hair, Terrible Diet And Dave Matthews In Your Car

Miley CyrusHey all! Welcome to volume 2 of Twitter-Wood. Since Warmoth is a slacker (he's really not; he just had a prior committment), I'm filling in for him this evening. And wouldn't you know it, I almost forgot to deliver. Now who's the slacker? Here I am though, better late than never.

Today's somewhat abbreviated Tweet selection includes some links, some random observations and a near-admission of guilt. I'll let you figure out what all of that means. Sometimes I have a hard time figuring it out myself. Enjoy today's inside look at celebrity ramblings! Oh, and if you really want to follow me too, I can be found at @geminibros. I mostly spew video gaming nonsense though, so beware!

@azizansari Oh s--t. Finally getting that new R. Kelly mixtape the Demo Tape! @SouthCackNeezy says the "Birthday Sex" remix is ridic!!

-Aziz Ansari, actor ("Human Giant," "Parks & Recreation")

@michaelianblack If you think about it for even five seconds, the concept of "facial hair" is disgusting.

-Michael Ian Black, actor/writer ("The State," "Wet Hot American Summer")

@greggrunberg What time is it!!!???!!!! I said, WHAT TIME IS IT????!!!! Well, first it's 4:20... but later it's LAAAAAAAAKKKKKEEEEERRRRRSSSSS!!!!!

-Greg Grunberg, actor ("Heroes," "Felicity")

@DavidBlue Okay, I'll put it out there right now. I think I should be in "Ghostbusters 3". ...

-David Blue, actor ("Ugly Betty," "Stargate Universe")

@diablocody Breakfast: one mini Butterfinger, two Chewy Chips Ahoy. My stomach is a roiling mass of corn syrup, dough conditioners and orange dye.

-Diablo Cody, writer ("Juno," "United States of Tara")

@jimmyfallon DMB GPS

-Jimmy Fallon, actor/talk show host ("Saturday Night Live," "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon")

@mileycyrus - The real life brennon and dale.... Stepbrothers.

-Miley Cyrus, singer/actress ("Hannah Montana: The Movie")