Danny McBride On His 'Ultra Violent' Fantasy/Comedy Hybrid 'Your Highness'

Danny McBride. “Conan the Barbarian.” David Gordon Green. Natalie Portman. I can keep going. “Krull.” James Franco. “Deathstalker.” Am I just throwing stream-of-consciousness nonsense at the wall and seeing what sticks? Am I creating some wicked, half-fictional movie all-star team? Or am I listing the elements from a new project that has me pretty stoked?

Yes, new movie (called “Your Highness”), yes, stoked, and here’s why: the project brings together writers, actors, a director and ‘80s film reference points that have me thinking this flick is going to be a winner. When Danny McBride sat down with MTV News while promoting “Land of the Lost,” what he had to say about “Your Highness” only got me more pumped.

“We’re deep in the midst of pre-production,” he said. “There’s castles being built. There’s creatures being made. I’m super excited about this. It’s going to be a crazy, rated-R, ultra violent fantasy movie/comedy.”

The film follows McBride as a slothful, egotistical prince who, along with his brother (Franco), must embark upon a heroic quest to save the kingdom and rescue his bro’s fiancée. Portman plays a badass warrior princess with whom McBride’s character falls madly in love.

“She’s like the Red Sonja of our world,” said McBride.

Green (“Pineapple Express”) will direct from a script co-written by McBride and Ben Best (“The Foot Fist Way”). The film, which will start shooting in Belfast in July, takes its core ideas from those epic fantasy films starring folks like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rick Hill.

“This is inspired by all those early ‘80s sci-fi/fantasy movies like ‘Deathstalker,’ ‘Krull,’ ‘Conan the Barbarian,’" said McBride. “And I’m in it. It should be nuts. We have everything from stop-motion animation in it to big CG creatures to weird ‘Dark Crystal’-esque puppets. It should be pretty nuts.”