'Blade Runner' Receiving the Web Series Treatment

Ridley ScottThere are few movies as iconic and as beloved by fans of science fiction as Ridley Scott's 1982 film, "Blade Runner." Even today, Scott's dystopian vision of the future feels fresh and threatening, and the story he built within it remains a nightmare ride. If you ever wished you could spend more time in that neo-noir landscape then you're in luck: a "Blade Runner"-inspired web series called "Purefold" is in the works.

Ridley, Tony and Luke Scott are developing the project under their RSA Films shingle, and are working alongside independent studio Ag8. The series will be made up of five to 10 minute shorts set one or two years in our future, roughly a decade before the time period of Scott's 1982 film. The plot will eventually carry into the film's era, with the plot being shaped along the way based on audience feedback, similar to Ag8's British sitcom "Where are the Joneses?"

If you're hoping for a continuation of the adventures of Rick Deckard, the doomed Rachel, Gaff, or the workings of the Tyrell Corporation, you may be disappointed. It is common knowledge among fans that much of "Blade Runner" is inspired by Philip K. Dick's novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" Sadly, the "Purefold" creators don't have the copyright to its characters or situations. Instead, the series will take the flavor of the book and the film, spinning out original stories in a familiar setting. “We don’t take any of the canon or copyrighted assets from the movie,” says Ag8's David Bausola. “It’s actually based on the same themes as ‘Blade Runner.’ It’s the search for what it means to be human and understanding the notion of empathy. We are inspired by ‘Blade Runner.’”

Ag8 and RSA Films hope to get the first episode of "Purefold" online later this summer. If the web series is successful, the series may expand into television. It's an exciting idea, and I hope it succeeds. Surely I'm not the only one who wants to see what C-beams are, and how they glitter in the dark.

MTV readers, do you want to see more "Blade Runner" set in the world of "Purefold"? Or do you think it will just cheapen the original movie and its neo-noir world?