Twilighter Bailey 'NoMoreMarbles' Gauthier At The MTV Movie Awards

'New Moon'Last week MTV senior writer (and Twilighter-in-residence) Larry Carroll revealed that four lucky Twilighters would be performing seat-filling duties at this past Sunday’s 2009 MTV Movie Awards. Popular “Twilight” vlogger Bailey "NoMoreMarbles" Gauthier was joined by Joe Korbel, Tom Latvys and Craig Deering of Evil Iguana Productions. The following is Bailey’s account of the night’s events.

by Bailey "NoMoreMarbles" Gauthier

My night at the MTV Movie Awards has barely had time to sink in. I still can't believe that I was actually there! Awhile back I posted a video on my YouTube channel about how "Twilight" was going to take over this event, that finally we Twilighters were going to have a night to shine. I had a lot of disbelievers but I think between the awards won and the many mentions of "Twilight" and its cast by big-name stars like Jim Carrey, it is safe to shout "I told you so!" Which is pretty much what I was doing the entire time... only telepathically. Did you hear me? Maybe? ...No? Damn.

While I didn't get to sit in Rob's seat, I received an instant upgrade to the front of the house! I had an actual spot where I got to hang and enjoy the show instead of running around between commercials. This was a good thing because despite the warning I received to wear comfortable shoes... mine certainly weren't comfortable, however they looked fabulous. Speaking of the commercial break, is it weird that the number one mystery I was hoping to solve was "what exactly goes on at award shows during the breaks?" The truth is far less glamorous than the elephants and peacocks I imagined but let me tell you, the pause is greatly needed for hands to recover from clapping, mine were bright red and puffy by the end of the night but it was so worth it. Only a minor flesh wound for the sake of making sure the applause for Rob surpassed Efron.

I was up against the stage for the Kings of Leon performance which was amazing. I completely forgot where I was when they were playing, in fact I zoned out so much that when Jared tossed his guitar pick to me it slipped down my head, through my fingers and between my feet. While Tom was trying to be the gentleman and reach down to get retrieve it for me a crazed fangirl to my right started stomping with her high heel... all while shouting some desperate apology as she continued to spear the top of my foot. By the way, if you're reading this I want my pick back you psycho.

The "New Moon" trailer was fantastic, however I think the biggest highlight of the evening was watching the entire cast of "Twilight" in attendance step onto the stage to accept the Best Movie award. It was a great way to end the night! Judging by what we've seen of the upcoming sequel this will certainly not be the last the MTV Movie Awards sees of "Twilight" and its stars. Just maybe I will be there to report about it again! ...Right guys? Ha, no pressure. You have my number, I programmed it onto your cell phone when you were not paying attention.

Thanks to Bailey, Joe, Tom and Craig for taking the time to share your experiences with our audience! You guys did a great job!