Jose Padilha Picks Up The Controller For Lionsgate Video Game Adaptation

Jose PadilhaLionsgate has nabbed director Jose Padilha and writer Braulio Mantovani to develop a live action adaptation of "Agent in Place," an upcoming video game from Union Entertainment. Variety describes the project as "a character-driven action thriller" based on the until-now-unannounced game from Flint Dille, who has previous game writing credits on "Dead to Rights" and Starbreeze Entertainment's excellent "The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay," itself a spin-off from David Twohy's "Riddick" films.

Union Entertainment, the company that previously brought comic book publisher Top Cow Productions' "The Darkness" to Starbreeze for an Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 game, is working with Dille on "Agent." Mantovani will produce a script based on Dille's concept while Padilha finishes up with his current commitment to "The Sigma Protocol," an adaptation of the same-titled Robert Ludlum novel. Padilha and Mantovani also previously worked together on "The Elite Squad," an action/thriller set in Brazil.

I like to consider myself pretty well-versed in video games, having freelanced in that industry for several years before coming to MTV. I haven't heard a peep about "Agent in Place" before today, though Dille's name is well-known and an encouraging addition to any project. In addition to the various gaming titles he's worked on, the dude wrote multiple episodes of the original "G.I. Joe" and "Transformers" cartoons. That at least elevates him to the level of "demigod."

Have you heard anything about "Agent in Place," the game or the movie, before today's news break? Have you seen or played any of Dille's other work?