Cam Gigandet, Lisa Kudrow And Penn Badgley Join Emma Stone In 'Easy A'

Cam GigandetEarlier this year, Emma Stone decided to emulate Nathaniel Hawthorne's Hester Prynne (you know, "The Scarlet Letter") for an "Easy A." She was quickly joined by Amanda Bynes, but with the film set to begin shooting in a few days, she'll need additional people to help and shame her towards a bad reputation. Variety has the list of who those people will be: Cam Gigandet, Lisa Kudrow, Alyson Michalka, Thomas Haden Church, Patricia Clarkson, Stanley Tucci, Penn Badgley, Malcolm McDowell and Daniel Bird.

The plot has changed a little since it was last in the trades. Initially, Stone was going to play a student who faked being promiscuous in order to gain attention. Now she's a student who is ostracized thanks to a false rumor of her behaving badly with the guys, and she decides to use the rumor mill to her advantage. She pits puritanical students and teachers against their liberal, free-lovin' counterparts. Hilarity and life lessons ensue.

Will Gluck ("Fired Up") directs, and the script was penned by playwright (and former "Chappelle's Show" casting assistant apparently) Bert V. Royal, who weaves Hawthorne's "The Scarlet Letter" into a parallel storyline mimicking Stone's character. Don't be surprised if you see see Stone sporting pilgrim gear in dual roles.

Unfortunately for you Twilighters, Variety is silent as to which part Gigandet will be playing. Since the film is set to begin shooting on June 9, you shouldn't have to wait too long to find out. Still, let's hope he's playing a niceguy this time around.

Twilighters, are you now interested in "Easy A" with Cam Gigandet on board? Does it sound like a cool girl-oriented comedy, with or without him? What do you think of the rest of the cast?