Emilie De Ravin, Pierce Brosnan And Chris Cooper Join Robert Pattinson In 'Remember Me'

Robert PattinsonWhat is best in life for you Twilighters and RPattz fans? News that Pattinson has been cast in a movie. What's second best in life? Surely it has to be who is starring with him, right? Well, you have your answer when it comes to Pattinson's latest film, "Remember Me," because Variety reports that he is being joined by Emilie de Ravin, Pierce Brosnan, and Chris Cooper, with actress Lena Olin in negotiations to jump in as well.

The latest casting additions reveal more about the plot... and you might want to start stocking up on those boxes of Kleenex. Pattinson plays a young man who has lost his brother to suicide, an event which left him traumatized and his parents (played by Brosnan and potentially Olin) separated. De Ravin's character also comes with her own traumatic baggage, since she witnessed the violent death of her mother. She's used it as the impetus to live her life to the very fullest. Cooper will play her father.

Somehow, Pattinson's and De Ravin's characters meet and fall in love, and the romance and personal healing will undoubtedly spring from the fact that Pattinson's character is "sleepwalking through life," and De Ravin is living with a manic, happy energy. Repressed boy meets quirky girl... now where have we heard that one before?

The film is being directed by Allen Coulter, and begins shooting on June 15. As fans know, Pattinson is already in New York City to prepare for filming... and quite possibly to stalk MTV's Nicole Guanlao. Let the rumors begin -- and of course, the on set photos!

Twilighters and Pattinson fans, what do you think of the "Remember Me" cast? What about the new story details? Is this one you will line up to see?