Freeze Frames: Picking Apart The 'New Moon' Trailer

The overwhelming popularity of the "New Moon" trailer is to be expected after the stellar performance of "Twilight" at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards last Sunday. Not that we needed to see five Golden Popcorns awarded to the silver screen adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's vampire romance to know that it is adored by fans. Since y'all loved the trailer so much, we've gone in and captured 50 stills from it, hitting all of the key moments you might want to take a closer look at. Click on the photo below to check it out in-depth.

So what do you think? Do any scenes in particular stand out? Does the wolf look as cool in a still as it did in motion? Any complaints or negative observations? Lastly, how do you think "New Moon" will measure up against "Twilight"?