Robert Pattinson Arrives In New York

Robert Pattinsonby Nicole Guanlao

Robert Pattinson is following me.

Robert -- you are kind of the hottest man on the planet, but if you want to go out on a date a simple phone call will suffice.

As you all know the 2009 MTV Movie Awards was last Sunday and Robert was a big winner. He won the award for “Breakthrough Performance Male,” and he shared awards with Cam Gigandet for “Best Fight” and with Kristen Stewart for “Best Kiss.” Needless to say, Robert was a busy man, running around backstage from one location to the other.

I was stationed at the patio area where all the celebs hung out and took a breather from the show, so I got the chance to see Robert walk from the green room to the main stage plenty of times. These few run-ins made me giggly for the rest of the night, and I was determined to meet him and snag a photo.

I almost got my chance and “allegedly” pushed Eminem and his security out of the way to get to RPattz while he was being interviewed by my co-worker, Larry Carroll. I was standing to the side and getting ready to say hello when the interview stopped and people were pulling him away to get to his next location. I just watched him walk away. I’m still a bit sad that I didn’t get a chance to meet Robert, but that short encounter made me even more determined to get my picture and shake that hand one day!

Despite the fact that he and I failed to meet, the events from the past two days have really got me thinking, “What if he did see me that night and thought, “I must meet that girl?!””

After thinking, “This girl is delusional,” you might also be asking yourself, “Why would she think this mega-star is following her?”

Well, this might all just be wishful thinking, but I find it hugely coincidental that Robert and I were both in Los Angeles for the Movie Awards -- standing mere inches from each other -- and now he’s been spotted in New York City. My stomping ground! First we’re in LA and then we land in NYC at around the same time and at the same airport? C’mon Robert! It’s getting a little obvious now.

He landed in JFK airport the night of June 1st and caused a media frenzy, which isn’t all that surprising since he looks dreamy on both coasts. Since then he’s been spotted around town going into an office building in midtown Manhattan (did I mention I work in midtown Manhattan?!) and arriving at his hotel room.

Sure, Robert’s in NYC to shoot his romantic film, “Remember Me,” but I’d like to think this whole movie thing is just a ploy to meet me.

Of course, this blog is all just fun and games. But hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?