The Popularity Of 'Twilight' Spurs A Vampire Revolution

Robert PattinsonVampires are pretty popular right now. I can't imagine why either. Can you? The overwhelming popularity of "Twilight" can be felt in every corner of entertainment these days. Vampires are officially "in," and everyone seems to be picking up on it. Even book publishers.

Last week, MTV Splash Page's Rick Marshall headed down to New York City's Jacob Javits Center to hunt for scoops at the annual BookExpo America trade show. While it seems you Twilighters will be waiting a bit longer before you see a comic book rendition of Stephanie Meyer's series, you certainly won't be wanting for vampire-related content in the coming months. Check out Rick's BookExpo pictures after the jump for a look at all of the blood-sucking madness.

Want to land a date with dreamy Edward Cullen? This is the book for you. Sophie Collins' "How To Date A Vampire" gives advice for landing a blood-sucking beau. And it's set to arrive in January 2010, just in time for Valentine's Day!

This one is also for daters of the undead. In "The Vampire Is Just Not That Into You," author Vlad Mezrich offers up quizzes, lists, testimonials, charts and more to help you land the vampire of your dreams and keep him forever. Look for this one on store shelves in October.

Here are some glimpses at a few more supernatural happenings in print. Look closely and you'll see that publishers are even gearing up for "New Moon"'s werewolves.