Screaming For A 'Scream' Remake

Kevin WilliamsonSo you're remaking what, one movie? That is so 2008. Trilogy remakes are the new hotness; all the cool kids are doing it. Kids like Kevin Williamson, writer of the first two movies in the "Scream" series, as well as the fourth. Now Entertainment Weekly has learned that Williamson is back to work on his baby, which he intends to remake as a trilogy.

What's more, he plans to bring back as many of the old characters as he can. EW reveals that the writer has already approached David Arquette and Courtney Cox Arquette about returning, though no contracts have been signed yet. Who else he might bring back, and how they might fit into the restructured stories, is a mystery for now.

The first "Scream" was a very clever send-up of the horror genre. It wasn't a parody in any way; rather, the story twisted horror conventions, stopping just short of breaking the fourth wall in referencing them. The result was a constantly unpredictable horror/thriller in which the masked slasher's identity came as a total surprise. The series petered out a bit after a successful first time out, so I can see why Williamson might be keen on returning to it.

Did you enjoy the first "Scream"? How about the ones that followed it? Is Williamson making the right move, giving this franchise another go with an all-new trilogy?