'Twilight' Casting Call For Director Catherine Hardwicke's 'Hamlet'

Catherine HardwickeBy now you've surely read the news that "Twilight" director Catherine Hardwicke will be taking on a contemporized version of William Shakespeare's "Hamlet," and the Emile Hirsch has been tapped for the starring role. Hardwicke credits Hirsch for the story idea, which brings Hamlet's story "to a small East Coast liberal arts college where Hamlet's father is the president." The story will open with Hirsch's character returning home to attend dear old dad's funeral.

That's really all we know so far. Hardwicke will direct, once she's finished writing the script with Ron Nyswaner. Hirsch will star, though the contemporized setting could mean a shift away from the name 'Hamlet.' The character is universally known however, as is the rest of "Hamlet"'s colorful cast. And seeing as how Hardwicke is tapped in to all of these hot, young stars after her work on "Twilight," we can't help but wonder who among them she might tap for the other major roles.

Robert PattinsonRobert Pattinson

Well duh. He's super-hot right now, everyone wants a piece and Hardwicke has an in. RPattz would be great for Laertes, the unfortunate soul who is tricked into killing Hamlet with a poison-tipped sword at the end of the play. Laertes is a complex character and he has some hefty scenes. There's the climactic sword fight of course, but he also buries his sister and is incited by the king -- also Hamlet's uncle -- to seek vengeance on the young prince. He is essentially a good-hearted patsy who is misled by the false king's scheming.

Nikki ReedNikki Reed

An obvious one for Hardwicke to target, considering their history together. "Hamlet" isn't exactly a strong story for female characters, so Reed would undoubtedly step into the role of Laertes' sister Ophelia. She is positioned in some ways as a love interest for Hamlet, but the prince's own misfortunes and the schemes surrounding him lead things in an entirely different direction. Ophelia, in her sweet naivete, is driven to insanity after Hamlet's accidental murder of her father, ultimately leading her to commit suicide. It would be a departure from Reed's Rosalie Hale character, but the young actress ought to jump at such an opportunity to show her range.

Peter FacinelliPeter Facinelli

In "Twilight," Peter Facinelli plays the 300-year old vampire who fills a paternal role for the Cullen family. In "Hamlet," he is perfect for the part of the young prince's only trusted friend, Horatio. He stands apart from scheming Claudius, serving as Hamlet's confidante, sounding board, shoulder to cry on, etc. He is intelligent and loyal to a fault, willing even to throw away his own life as Hamlet lays dying at the end of the play.

Cam Gigandet and Edi GathegiCam Gigandet and Edi Gathegi

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, right here. Their part in the story is small, but vitally important. Though they are Hamlet's childhood friends, the duo actually serve as spies for the corrupt King Claudius, who assassinates Hamlet's father in order to take the throne. Gigandet and Gathegi, already bros after their time served as nomadic vampires James and Laurent in "Twilight," could easily bring their dark side to the Shakespeare's most important minor characters.

Holly HunterHolly Hunter

Yes, yes… I know. Holly Hunter isn't in "Twilight." She is in "Thirteen" though, another Hardwicke flick. And since there aren't any strong older female roles to carry over from "Twilight" to "Hamlet"'s Queen Gertrude, I think Hunter would be a perfect in the role of Hamlet's mother. Hamlet's relationship with his mother is a rough one. And who can really blame him: after Gertrude's hubby, the king, is killed, she flies immediately into the arms of her brother-in-law Claudius. Now that's just messed up.