Jack Nicholson Wants To Watch Reese Witherspoon Play Softball

Jack NicholsonIf a girl you liked had Jack Nicholson as a father, would you be too scared to ask her out? Even if that girl was Reese Witherspoon? I would think so, but then this isn't a situation I would ever find myself in. Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson will however, according to The Hollywood Reporter: Nicholson is "in talks" to take the role in an untitled romantic comedy from James L. Brooks.

The romantic comedy stars Reese Witherspoon as a professional softball player who is torn between two handsome, available men: Rudd, a nice, ordinary guy, and Wilson, a rakish fellow with one heck of a fastball. It clocks in at 94 miles an hour. This is an important point. I'm not sure why, but that's about as specific as THR gets with regards to the story.

Nicholson will play Witherspoon's father, stepping into a role that until recently belonged to Bill Murray. The former "Ghostbuster" lost interest, allowing Nicholson to potentially step in. The deal hasn't been made yet, but given Nicholson's and Brooks' track record together, this has a better-than-decent chance of working out.

Brooks and Nicholson go way back, and they've had a lot of good luck together. Nicholson has won two Oscars (for "Terms of Endearment" and "As Good As It Gets") working with his good luck charm of a director.

Unless Brooks loses another cast member, the shoot is set to start on the East Coast later this month, just in time for baseball season. Maybe Nicholson and his old friend Josh Horowitz can catch a game together?

Readers, can you imagine Jack Nicholson as Reese Witherspoon's dad? Would you want him at all your professional softball games? And if you were her, would you choose Paul Rudd or Owen Wilson? Let's find something to talk about in the comments!