Jonah Hill Hid Behind 'Twilight' Vampire Robert Pattinson's Golden Popcorn At The MTV Movie Awards

Jonah Hill may never have seen “Twilight,” but that didn’t stop the “Superbad” star from getting all worked up around dreamy vampire badass Robert Pattinson during the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night.

Specifically, Hill confessed to us that the only way he could hide his excitement upon presenting the Breakthrough Performance Male award to RPattz was to use the Golden Popcorn envelope to, um, literally hide his excitement… in his pants. I’m only kinda sure he was kidding. Really hoping he was, but only kinda sure.

In any event, Hill was clearly having a blast at the show. Check out the rest of his interview with Movies Editor Josh Horowitz to find out the dirty details of Jonah’s Pattinson amour and his curiosity about why everything in “Twilight” seems to take place in the deep dark woods.