Tony Scott Talks Up 'The Warriors'

Tony ScottNews like this makes me smile my big, gaping fanboy smile. "The Warriors" is a modern classic, the tale of a gang making their way from the Bronx to Coney Island while a city full of rivals hunts them. There's so much about the original film that's memorable, from iconic lines like "Can you diiiiiig iiiiiiit?" to the memorable opening credits sequence.

Now we have Tony Scott speaking with Rotten Tomatoes about his coming remake. Or whatever it is. "I'm not doing a straight remake," he told RT. "I love the original 'Warriors' and I'm using the same basic story. It's really still 10 guys stuck at point B and they need to get back to point A. But I'm going to set it in Los Angeles and it's going to be a kind of study of gang culture in LA today."

The original film is set in a fictional New York City which has been overrun by gangs, who have divided up each neighborhood into different territories. Scott revealed to RT that he's been speaking with local LA gangs, specifically naming the "Crips, Bloods, The 18th Street Gang [and] The Vietnamese." The response has been positive so far as Scott tells it; many gang members have seen the original and are excited about the possibility of getting involved with the remake.

As a native New Yorker, I'm not terribly pleased to hear about the change of venue but I suppose it makes sense. Los Angeles is a very different sort of location; Scott describes it as "a city which is horizontal." His vision? "I'm hoping to get a hundred thousand real gang members standing on the Vincent Thomas Bridge for one shot." The number sounds a bit large, but I like the ambition Tony!

It's not a remake, and it's certainly not a sequel. MTV's Splash Page has the exclusive there: a preview of the upcoming comic "The Warriors: Jailbreak," which is set directly after the events of the first film. It's all part of Paramount's 30th anniversary celebration for the film.

Scott has had a busy few days, as I reported late yesterday that he revealed an "Alien" prequel is in the works, with commercials director Carl Rinsch in place to direct.

Have you ever seen "The Warriors"? Modern classic or hokey nonsense? Are you excited to hear about Tony Scott's vision for the not-a-remake?