EXCLUSIVE: Take A Look Behind The Scenes At 'Terminator Salvation: The Machinima Series'

The first thing I should probably do is explain exactly what machinima is. It's a style of filmmaking that makes use of 3D graphics engines, the sort you see being used to power most modern video games. While machinima is typically a fan's pursuit, some high-profile projects have been embraced by the originating development studio, such as Bungie Studios with Rooster Teeth's "Halo"-inspired "Red Vs. Blue" series.

All of this means that what The Halcyon Company and Warner Bros are doing with "Terminator Salvation: The Machinima Series" is completely unprecedented. For the first time, we have a machinima series produced in-house by a production company to coincide with the release of both a film and a tie-in video game. Moon Bloodgood's Blair Williams character is the focus of the six-episode series (launched on May 18), which is set several years before the events of "Salvation." Check out the EXCLUSIVE video below for an inside look at how the whole thing came together. Cool stuff.