Plucky 'Star Wars' Robot R2-D2 Lives!

R2-D2Super-fans are cool. They're willing to go to great lengths in support of their chosen franchise. Even if you don't care for what they're into, you have to respect that kind of obsession. These days it feels like the biggest fanboy camps have sprouted around the "Twilight" and "Harry Potter" franchises, but I'm from the old school. "Star Wars" is my bag, and I've gone to some pretty crazy lengths to prove it. Nothing on the scale of what these guys accomplished though.

Wired visited with the Bay Area Artoo Builders Group for a look at their fully functioning R2-D2 replicas (X-Wing Fighter not included). Maybe they're not functional enough to navigate a starship, but the top-mounted dome swivels, the periscope rises, all manner of lights flicker, panels open and more. There's even a panel with a built-in fire extinguisher! The $10K minimum cost is a factor, but being a fanboy often comes with a heavy price. Peep the video after the jump!