We're Talking To Guillermo Del Toro This Week And He Wants To Hear From YOU

Guillermo del ToroThis Thursday, filmmaker Guillermo del Toro will be stopping by to chat with us on his upcoming book/movie project, "The Strain." For those who don't know about it -- and if you like del Toro, then you should -- "The Strain" is the first volume in a planned trilogy about... wait for it... vampires. Yeah, those blood-suckers are pretty popular. That first book actually hits shelves today, so make sure you pick yourself up a copy.

Okay, them's the basics. Now here comes the fun part. Del Toro is stopping by on Thursday to promote "The Strain" of course, and we know you fans are burning with questions about that and some of his other projects. Well we want to know what those questions are. Submit your queries to tips@mtvmoviesblog.com and we'll hit del Toro with the best of them.