Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene To Join Fans On 'Twilight' Alaskan Cruise

Kellan LutzVampires on a cruise! When I first heard those magical words, I was thinking this had to be the ultra-short pitch for a brand-new horror flick. But no! It’s for real, it’s “Twilight,” and you even have a chance to join in on the aquatic action.

Come August 8, 2010, the first ever “Twilight” fan cruise will depart from Seattle, bound for the icy waters of Alaska. Jumping aboard for the ride will be “Twilight” stars Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene, who play Cullen family vampires Emmett and Alice.

During the week-long trip, guests will be treated to a Q&A session with the stars, a photo shoot, an autograph session, a costume ball, and who knows what other “Twilight”-obsessed happenings. And of course, cruisers will get to check out the wild beauty of Alaskan destinations like Glacier Bay and Juneau. Also, don’t forget that Alaska figures into Stephenie Meyer’s vampire franchise, as the Denali Coven of vampires -- relatives of the Cullens -- reside in the northernmost American state.

Alas, this "Twilight" Convention at Sea and Alaska Adventure comes at a hefty price. The cheapest option is a two-person room without a seaside view, which will set you back $1049 per person. Or you might opt for a four-person deluxe veranda suite at a mere $3299 per person. Not included in the price is airfare into/out of Seattle, which is a mere three-and-a-half hours from Forks, WA, where all the “Twilight” exploits originally got started.

The only question, I suppose, is what price can you put on your love of “Twilight”? And, quite possibly, what price can you convince your parents to put on your love of “Twilight”?