Join Twilighter Seat Filler Craig Deering At The MTV Movie Awards

Kristen StewartLast week MTV senior writer (and Twilighter-in-residence) Larry Carroll revealed that four lucky Twilighters would be performing seat-filling duties at this past Sunday's 2009 MTV Movie Awards. Popular "Twilight" vlogger Bailey Gauthier was joined by Joe Korbel, Tom Latvys and Craig Deering of Evil Iguana Productions. The following is Craig's account of the night's events.

by Craig Deering

When MTV asked if we would be interested in being seat fillers at this years Movie Awards we didn't even have to think about our answer; it was most definitely yes!! The first few days in Los Angeles were awesome, but they couldn't compare to the actual event. As we stood in line with all the other seat fillers we quietly discussed important matters: the different "Twilight" stars we would fill in for, or how I could successfully propose to Kristen Stewart without getting kicked out. Then we learned we where being upgraded to the best seats in the house, front row in the pit!

So I would not get my opportunity to propose to Kristen, however the chances of it working out were slim to begin with, so I gladly accepted the change in plans. Our seats were literally five feet from the stage. Throughout the entire show we had an amazingly clear view of all the celebrities presenting and accepting the awards.

During Emeniem's rap I was able to give him a high five, and I'm pretty sure Megan Fox gave me the "I want you" look. Anyways, probably one of my favorite parts was seeing one of my favorite actors who I didn't even know was at the event up close on stage for what was one of the funniest skits. Kiefer Sutherland, the star of "24," was hilarious during Ben Stiller's acceptance speech.

We also saw each "Twilight" star up close and personal for every award they won. Naturally they swept the awards, but I don't think anyone got sick of seeing them on the stage. One of the most exciting "Twilight" experiences was seeing the trailer for "New Moon." The trailer was absolutely amazing and it was very obvious they have raised the stakes with the series. To quote the first thing I heard when the trailer was over, Joe yelled "Wow! I need to see that!"

Overall the experience was mind blowing and something I will never forget. I have watched the MTV Movie Awards for years and never imagined I would actually be there, literally 10 feet from so many filmmakers and entertainers who have inspired me to follow a film career myself. I greatly thank MTV for the experience they have given me and would have no problem doing this for any of their other ceremonies. Hint hint.

Thanks Craig! Sounds like you guys had a blast!