Twilighter Tom Latvys On Being A Seat Filler At The MTV Movie Awards

'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen'Last week MTV senior writer (and Twilighter-in-residence) Larry Carroll revealed that four lucky Twilighters would be performing seat-filling duties at this past Sunday's 2009 MTV Movie Awards. Popular "Twilight" vlogger Bailey Gauthier was joined by Joe Korbel, Tom Latvys and Craig Deering of Evil Iguana Productions. The following is Tom's account of the night's events.

by Tom Latvys

As I lay here in my underwear listening to Journey, I reflect on my day. I woke up expecting to be filling seats for celebrities at the MTV Movie Awards, possibly even Kristen Stewart’s, but little did I know what was actually in store for me. I showed up at 3pm ready to fill seats with Craig, Bailey and Joe.

We got in line, and were quickly lost in a crowd of seat fillers. Our hopes were crushed as we realized that we might NOT actually get to sit in anyone’s seat, as there were several HUNDRED people lined up with us. Just as we began to accept our fate, we were pulled away into a new line. This line was for the best of the best seat fillers, and the people in charge obviously knew by the looks of us that we knew what we were doing.

When we got in we realized just how lucky we really were. We ended up sitting right in the front pits surrounding the main stage! The production staff told us that they would quickly replace any one of us if we weren’t acting excited enough, but that didn’t end up being a problem considering the show kicked ass!

Of course, "Twilight" swept the awards, winning in five of the seven categories it was nominated for. We were literally five feet away from most of the celebrities, including Andy Samberg. That man is my hero. He was hilarious, along with Will Ferrell, Jim Carrey and even Kiefer Sutherland. Almost every time one of them walked past us, I would scream their name and they would look at me. Not in my direction… at ME. It was cool, I guess.

They premiered several AWESOME trailers, including a sneak peak at "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen," the debut "New Moon" trailer and another sneak peek at "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince." They all looked amazing and, to my surprise, Joe was most pleased with the "New Moon" trailer. I on the other hand have a thing for giant fighting robots. I’m even looking for a support group.

The show was over so quickly, I seriously couldn’t believe it. I’m thinking that I could earn a good living at this because I make a damn good seat filler. Maybe I’ll start doing weddings or something. Anyway, I thank MTV so much for giving me this opportunity, and I'll hopefully be there next year!

Thanks for sharing, Tom! Stay tuned for additional updates from our Twilighter seat fillers later today!