Twilighter Joe Korbel On His Experiences As A Seat Filler At The MTV Movie Awards

Kiefer Sutherland crying at the 2009 MTV Movie AwardsLast week MTV senior writer (and Twilighter-in-residence) Larry Carroll revealed that four lucky Twilighters would be performing seat-filling duties at this past Sunday's 2009 MTV Movie Awards. Popular "Twilight" vlogger Bailey Gauthier was joined by Joe Korbel, Tom Latvys and Craig Deering of Evil Iguana Productions. The following is Joe's account of the night's events.

by Joe Korbel

Here's my blog on tonight's happenings, but be gentle because it's my first time. MTV was kind enough to let us in to the MTV Movie Awards and the event was absolutely amazing. Bailey, Tom, Craig and myself were all amazed at the opportunity we were given to serve as seat fillers.

Once we were pulled aside to be seated in the pit, I got even more stoked for the awards show. We got to sit literally ten feet from the celebrities as they came up to accept their awards, and the show became better still when we saw our favorites from the "Twilight" movie accepting awards for five out of the seven categories the movie was running in. All throughout the show we could feel the excitement and energy flowing as the stars had their moments on stage and off. I know one of the highlights of my experience was Brüno flying in and landing his junk right on Eminem's face. I couldn't stop laughing and it was definitely a memorable moment.

A ton of my favorite actors showed up tonight and made it that much better of a show. Kiefer Sutherland came completely out of nowhere; my jaw dropped to the floor when I heard he was going to be there. Will Ferrell, Danny McBride, Jim Carrey and so many others made the show worth waiting for. When we caught Jim Carrey's attention after he accepted his award, he started making the funniest provocative gestures towards us, and the group of us just cracked up. Another of my favorite moments was when Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart broke tradition in accepting the Best Kiss award, making the moment as awkward as they could by not kissing onstage.

The show overall was amazing and Andy Sandberg did a great job of hosting this year's awards ceremony. The mini-videos he threw together with "Twilight" and various other movies he took clips from left me doubled over in my seat laughing, and I'm sure the viewers at home enjoyed it as well.

This was my first awards show and the experience was a great one. As far as meeting the cast of "Twilight" goes, we didn't see much of them aside from when they were in the actual show. Bailey and I did see Kristen dodging crowds and making her way to her car, seemingly skipping out on the after-party. I guess her choice of wearing Converse shoes with her dress turned out to be a great choice when she was running from people who were trying to grab pictures with her. The debut of the "New Moon" trailer left me wanting to see the movie right then and there. The experience was mind-blowing and left me speechless for a good twenty minutes after the show. Hopefully next year will be just as amazing! I hope my first blog wasn't a complete disgrace!

(Editor's note: It wasn't a disgrace! Great job, Joe... thanks for sharing!)

Stay tuned for additional updates from our Twilighter seat fillers later today!