'Moon' Director Duncan Jones To 'Escape From The Deep'

Duncan JonesDirector Duncan Jones' "Moon" has been garnering rave reviews in its festival appearances. It's an inventive sci-fi thriller starring Sam Rockwell as a lone moon outpost worker seemingly going mad. I haven't actually seen it yet, but the buzz I've heard so far has me sold. I'm not the only one either, as Jones has officially secured his next project.

The director will trade one alien landscape for another as he shifts from "Moon" to "Escape from the Deep." Variety reports that the project is an adaptation of Alex Kershaw's novel, which tells the true story of a World War II sub stranded at the bottom of the ocean after being struck by one of its own torpedoes. Kershaw will also deliver the screenplay.

Moving from "Moon" to "Deep," Jones is certainly building a reputation for executing on stories of desperate characters in inescapable situations. Not only is the sub in "Deep" submerged beneath 180 feet of water, it is also under assault by enemy depth charges. Someone must have made it out to tell the story, but I think I'll hold off on Wiki searches until Jones' take on the story is told.

Fans of "Moon" shouldn't be fretting at the move to "based on true events" territory, as Jones tells Variety that he's keen on getting back to sci-fi with a project called "Mute." He's spare with the details, mentioning only that "Mute" is a "bigger, more commercial film than 'Moon'... a thriller set in Berlin in the future." I continue to anticipate "Moon"'s July 19 release, but I'll be watching both of these project closely nonetheless.

Have you seen "Moon"? Did you enjoy it? What could Jones bring from his experiences there to "Deep"?