Lil Wayne Sums Up Everyone's Thoughts On Brüno's Close Encounter With Eminem

You've gotta hand it to Lil Wayne. The guy is a wordsmith. He sums up very well exactly what we should have expected from Sacha Baron Cohen-as-Brüo's appearance last night on the MTV Movie Awards: nothing. "I was expecting the unexpected... with him," the rapper said to MTV's Tim Kash of Brüno's run-in with Eminem. "I didn't understand it, but it was cool."

Maybe it was cool, but Eminem certainly didn't seem to think so. The rapper had some harsh words after Cohen's gay Austrian fashion reporter landed upside down in Eminem's lap. Em struggled as his bodyguards extracted the fallen Brüno and then stormed out of the Gibson Amphitheatre. And he thought Triumph the Insult Comic Dog was bad.