Natalie Portman Will Bow Before 'Your Highness'

Natalie PortmanThe emphasis in that title is on the 'high' (or should be), a fact that should come as no surprise to fans of "Pineapple Express" director David Gordon Green. "Your Highness," his next gig, comes from a script by "Express" star Danny McBride and Ben Best. McBride, who appears in this week's summer comedy "Land of the Lost," will also star alongside James Franco and, as Variety revealed today, Natalie Portman.

In "Highness," McBride plays a lazy (pot-smoking?) prince who must work with his brother (Franco) to save the kingdom along with bro's bride-to-be. Portman joins the cast as a warrior princess and romantic interest for McBride. Green has already confirmed that "Highness" isn't exactly a full-blown stoner comedy, though McBride and Franco being in the mix certainly suggests that things will lean in such a direction.

Although the Ireland shoot is set to start in July, we'll be seeing a lot more of Portman soon, and well before "Highness" is in the can. Jim Sheridan's "Brothers" drops in December, starring Portman alongside Jake Gyllenhaal and Tobey Maguire. Prior to that, we'll be seeing her in June's "Love & Other Impossible Pursuits," directed by Don Roos.

Do you think Portman will be able to hold her own alongside a couple of stoney fellows like McBride and Franco? Can you see her getting all Xena with her "warrior princess" role? Or do you see Portman as more of a She-Ra?