'New Moon' Debut Trailer A Hit With Twilighters At The MTV Movie Awards

Twilighters were pretty excited to hear that the "New Moon" trailer would debut at last night's MTV Movie Awards. Actually, that's a bit of an understatement. Possessed of a fervor that gives even "Harry Potter" lovers pause, "Twilight" fans set the Internet afire with chatter about the trailer in the days leading up to last night. The anticipation ran so high for the trailer that Summit Entertainment even signed off on releasing a clip of it prior to yesterday evening's premiere. A clip. From a trailer. All I can really say to that is "wow."

Now that the sun has risen on a new day, it's time to tally up the opinions and find out if the trailer delivered enough to justify the demand. These fans, interviewed last night by MTV's Larry Carroll, certainly seem to think so. Not that their gushing response is in any way unexpected. What did you Twilighters think? Share your thoughts in the comments below or fire up those webcams and post some video at YouRHere.

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