Halle Berry Interested In Joining Paul Verhoeven's 'The Surrogate'

Halle BerryHalle Berry wants to be good and scared again. Not satisfied with being chased around an insane asylum in "Gothika," Berry is interested in tangling with a crazed baby mama in "The Surrogate," the latest from director Paul Verhoeven ("Basic Instinct").

As we reported last week, "The Surrogate" has nothing in common with the similarly titled upcoming sci-fi movie starring Bruce Willis. This "Surrogate" is based on Kathryn Mackel's 2004 novel. Forced by medical circumstances into hiring a surrogate mother, a childless couple settles on an apparently perfect candidate. Unfortunately, the woman turns out to be insane. Should've checked those references better, eh? According to The Hollywood Reporter, Berry would play the would-be mother, not the insane surrogate. While official negotiations haven't begun with Berry, Fox is eager for their "X-Men" star to sign on. Seeing as she is fresh off a long maternity leave, she could certainly bring a lot of energy to the part of a wannabe mother.

"The Surrogate" is also a return for Verhoeven, who hasn't made a Hollywood-based movie since "Hollow Man" in 2000, but has been sought after since his last film "Black Book," which earned numerous nominations and awards. The director is known for his shock value tactics (see also: "Basic Instinct," "Showgirls"), and would likely tap them for this insane surrogate story.

MTV readers, are you desperate to see Halle Berry again on the big screen? Should she team up with Paul Verhoeven? Should she stay away from thrillers altogether?