Stephanie Pratt Wanted Kristen Stewart To Kiss Robert Pattinson At MTV Movie Awards

There was definitely a palpable amount of longing in the Gibson Amphitheatre when Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson almost locked lips after they won Best Kiss at this year's MTV Movie Awards.

And while there were a good many Twilighters in the room, it was at the afterparty that "Hills" star Stephanie Pratt admitted to MTV News that she was one of those Twilighters, and that she too wanted to see them kiss each other.

"When Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson ... when they were like ... " she leaned in to kiss the air. "And they were so close and the whole auditorium was like, 'Are they gonna? Are they gonna?' Then they didn't! But I was, like, dying to see them kiss."

Well, although it isn't real life Stephanie, you can always pop in a DVD of "Twilight" and watch the kiss that earned RPattz and K-Stew a Golden Popcorn. Then again, there are also a more "Twilight" flicks in the works to keep fans pleased for years to come.