The Mystery Of The Jim Carrey And Sacha Baron Cohen SUV

My position during the show was the limo drop, which is where the stars go when they leave the show and hop into their ride. During the show but after all his hilarity, Sacha Baron Cohen was sitting in the back of a black SUV with the window rolled down. His head disappeared from view, which is really not a surprising occurrence, until the body that replaced his was Jim Carrey. I'm assuming they must have traded seats in the car.

Off to the side, Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell were talking amongst themselves, when suddenly Dax ran over to the Jim-Sacha car and reached in to hug Jim Carrey and wave to Sacha, now sitting on the other side of the car.

They were talking and laughing, when Dax motioned over to Kristen Bell, who walked over to the car and was introduced by Dax to Jim and Sacha as "this is my girlfriend, Kristen."

Cuz, ya know, no one knows Kristen Bell. Adorable.

(By the way, Jim didn't leave with Sacha. After a little while, Jim hopped out of the car and Sacha drove away.)