Watch The 'Twilight Saga's New Moon' Trailer Here!

Even as "Twilight" took home five coveted popcorn trophies tonight at the MTV Movie Awards, its sequel "New Moon" has already begun its climb toward the front of the pack for the 2010. The second film in the Twilight Saga became viciously real tonight with a first glimpse at Jacob Black's werewolf transformation and lots of gritty Robert Pattinson moments. The "New Moon" premiered tonight with all the blood, action, and romance Twilight fans should expect -- and plenty of Edward and Bella face time that is ripe for your video reactions. (Watch the "New Moon" trailer below or click here to see it in glorious HD!)

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Straight out of the book, the big Cullen family birthday party for Bella takes center stage in the trailer, picking the moment of her papercut and Edward's subsequent confrontation with Jasper to set off the montage of action shots that clocks out at just under two minutes. It's a smartly cut trailer, picking this big moment from the Twilight universe to show and leaving on the ominous note of the werewolf growl as Jacob gets ready to take out Laurent for harassing Bella.

With the countdown officially on to the November 20 release, this one's going to set the bar high and violent for any trailers to come.

What did you think of the "New Moon" trailer? Does the birthday party look just like you imagined that it would? What about Jacob's werewolf shift? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!