We're Live Blogging Behind The Scenes Of The MTV Movie Awards!

We’re a few hours away from the main event but you don’t have to wait for the 2009 MTV Movie Awards for the fun to begin. We’ve got our correspondents all over the gold carpet, inside the auditorium, basically anywhere the action is happening. We’re all over it. Enjoy our live blogs throughout the evening for everything that’s happening behind the scenes.

6:17 p.m. ET: Nearly three hours before the show, we've spotted our first celebs back here -- Generation Award winner Ben Stiller is all smiles in shades walking in with "SNL" writing legend Robert Smigel. Oh, and there's another celeb literally on the arm of Smigel. The one and only Triumph is here, stogie and all!!

6:22: You know it's the MTV Movie Awards when you stumble upon a guy dressed as the popcorn statue.

7:08: Justin Bobby grabbing a cigarette backstage, sporting an untucked white shirt and blue suspenders. Do we need to mention that he was scruffy? Well, he was.

7:24: Zachary Levi checking his iPhone backstage. That's some interesting facial hair there. He looks like he's starring in a remake of "Deliverance."

Brett Ratner just breezed by.

7:28: "Twilight" star Peter Facinelli hugs fans in the stands.

7:32: Bruno is getting a touch-up backstage! ALL eyes have turned. And by touch-up we mean a dude is literally applying makeup to his crotch.

7:35: Overheard Robert Hoffman -- who won Best Kiss last year -- saying his award lives above his TV on full display.

7:40: "Hills" characters Stacy and Heidi's sister hugging on the carpet -- huh? Shouldn't they be enemies?

7:42: Frankie Delgado and Malin Akerman doing interviews side by side. They don't notice each other. Same goes for Keke Palmer and Stephanie Pratt.

7:47: Peter Facinelli continues working the crowd.

7:48: A ripped Cam Gigandet is taking a break from the red carpet backstage. He's snapping photos with a huge 35mm. Turning the tables on the paparazzi?

7:56: Sure, there's Brad and Angie and Tom and Katie, but for fans of comedy and "Mad Men" there's Fred Armisen and Elizabeth Moss. The couple are chatting it up with new friends backstage.

8:13: Dax Shepard, Malin Akerman and Bradley Cooper are sharing a laugh. Dax is making introductions all around.

8:14: Dr. Drew and Lil Mama just walked by each other. The world has officially imploded. Soulja Boy too!

8:18: Justin Bartha ("The Hangover") on how he prepared for tonight: "I got a colonic."

8:25: The patio is officially packed. Within 20 feet: Sienna Miller, Channing Tatum, Leann Rimes and Soulja Boy.

8:32: Billy Zane and Jason Patric?!? Really? Awesome.

8:36: Jonah Hill and "Hangover" star Bradley Cooper just exchanged a big hug. "Transformers" beauty Megan Fox is turning heads.

8:40: Frankie from "The Hills" had a big kiss for Ashley Greene from "Twilight." Paris Hilton told us that she's never seen "Twilight" but her boyfriend has.

8:41: Miley Cyrus and Taylor Lautner shared a big hug on the carpet. Kristen Stewart is coolly dressed-down in a red dress and black Chuck Taylors. Ashley is the polar opposite with her classic-Hollywood look.

8:45: Dressing rooms: Denzel Washington is across from Forest Whitaker and LeAnn Rimes. And down the way is Chris Isaak.

8:50: In another hall, Ben Stiller sits just a room away from Andy Samberg.

8:51: The cast of "The Hangover" were overheard during interviews offering their condolences to the film's cameo'ing costar Mike Tyson.

Anna Faris is looking beautiful tonight, but confided to us that she's bummed she won't get to keep any of it.

8:52: Channing Tatum had a big hug for his friend, nominee Luke Goss.

8:53: Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock shared a little laugh backstage as Zac Efron said goodbye to some friends. Sandra and Ryan only stayed in the green room for like one second because they shut the green room down for a bit after Robert Pattinson left.

9:01: Chris Isaak hanging out in a tux holding a dog in his arms.

9:02: Bruno took over the red carpet, wearing a ridiculously-revealing leopard Speedo and t-shirt and some sort of Robin Hood hat. He crashed a Will Ferrell-Danny McBride interview, and the trio improv'd some zaniness.

9:03: Taylor Lautner has already seen the "New Moon" trailer, but most of the other "Twilight" stars will be seeing it for the first time alongside the fans tonight.

9:05: Zac Efron admitted that he's a bit sad about this being the last time he'll be attending the Movie Awards for a "High School Musical" movie. Miley Cyrus was excited to be sitting near Lil Wayne, since her brother is a big fan. She told us that she's going to get her picture taken with the rapper.

9:07: Ryan Reynolds professed having a man-crush on Robert Pattinson, and said that he plans to plant a kiss on him tonight - but assured us he'd use a closed-mouth so as not to freak people out.

9:09: Michael Bay just stopped to chat with us. He said he's finishing "Revenge of the Fallen" tomorrow.

Robert Pattinson in DEEP conversation with show executive producer Mark Burnett.

9:10: Always the nice guy, Peter Facinelli was quick to credit MTV's Twilight Tuesdays for the phenomenon of the past year.

9:11: Cameron Diaz had to sneak in a side door, just moments before Andy Samberg started the show. Jonah Hill told us that he's a huge "Dark Knight" fan, and is pulling for that film tonight.

9:12: Jim Carey just walked in via the back of the Gibson. Late!

9:13: Kiefer Sutherland snuck out of his Generation Award presenters room for a smoke.

9:19: There's a meeting going down with Jim Carrey in the green room. The same green room that Michael Bay is in.

9:21: Approached a very cordial Chris Pine who is begging off interviews today. Still, when I told him Khan HAS to be in the next one, he laughed and said, "absolutely."

9:23: Megan Fox just left and Chris Pine is waiting at the limo drop.

9:30: Right after his performance, Eminem and his posse were rushed into his trailer.

8:32: Lil Wayne just rolled up in his tour bus. Also, someone tried to give Chris Pine a five dollar bill.

9:34: Jon Voight is here with his goddaughter, he tells me. He insists no one is going to be able to fill Angie's shoes in the new "Tomb Raider."

9:36: Eminem and Jonah Hill (?!?) are chatting backstage. Official wtf moment of the night?

9:42: Twilighters just almost lost their beloved Cam Gigandet. Moments after winning "Best Fight," he was giving an interview to MTV News and almost got run over by some overzealous stage folks moving a set. After he recovered, a thrilled Cam told us he was happy to win in the category for the second straight year - and catch up with all his old "Twilight" friends he hasn't seen in months.

9:48: Forest Whitaker and Chris Isaak on their way to the stage. Chris: "if anything goes wrong, I'm blaming Forest!"

9:50: Zac Efron and Ben Stiller are chatting in the hallway before Zac needs to change into a tux.

9:51: Zachary Quinto chilling with Mario Lopez in the vip green room.

9:52: Moments after winning "Best Fight," Robert Pattinson came backstage, gave thumbs-up to the cameras - and made a beeline right for us. Smiling and running his fingers through his hair (of course), he told us he was excited for Cam to have won "Best Fight" two years in a row. Even Rob hasn't seen the "New Moon" trailer yet, so he was eager to watch it with the fans tonight. RPattz said he's loving the Movie Awards, and that he's eager to begin production Monday on an untitled drama that he'll squeeze in between "Twilight" sequels.

9:55: True to his word, the LA Lakers won and Denzel Washington just arrived in a black Escalade.

9:57: Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and his handler Robert Smigel just made their way backstage. No barbs exchanged with anyone.

9:59: Denzel Washington making his way backstage smiling with friends.

10:00: A trio of tuxes filled with Kiefer Sutherland, Zac Efron and Ben Stiller made their way backstage laughing like old friends.

10:01: Backstage, Zac Efron made a point to go over and say hi to Rob, Kristen and Taylor. "How's life?" Zac said, giving them all hugs. "You guys must be busy as hell."

10:02: Bruno has left the building! And so has Sacha Baron Cohen. Clad in a baseball cap and civilian wear, he just made a speedy exit.

10:06: We're standing backstage between the unlikely grouping of Kiefer Sutherland, Zac Efron, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Ben Stiller, Taylor Lautner and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. Taylor is chugging a Red Bull and getting ready to go onstage. Stiller greeted RPattz and KStew, causing Rob to run his fingers through his hair during the usual exchanging of pleasantries. Only at the MTV Movie Awards, folks.

10:12: Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock leave in separate cars.

10:15: Malin Ackerman just told us she's jealous of Robert Pattinson's ability to make people scream just by brushing his hair.

10:19: Brüno and Jim Carey are in a car together and Dax Shepard just walked to the window to intro his girlfriend Kristen Bell.

10:20: Moments after appearing onstage, Jim Carrey weaved his way through the crowd. "That was quite a tableau, man," he said to a friend as he walked past. "Quite a tableau."

10:22: Robert Pattinson taking a quick bathroom break in the VIP room before heading back to his seat.

10:25: Backstage, we just saw Robert Pattinson shaking the hand of a teenage girl -- who promptly turned to her friends after he left and jumped up and down in excitement! But here's the rub: The teenager was none other than "Little Miss Sunshine" star Abigail Breslin, a huge "Twilight" fan.

10:35: In what might be the coolest thing we've seen tonight, Kristen Stewart just came off stage and ran -- as fast as she could -- through the catacombs, dodging stars, stagehands and props. Right as she got to us, she stopped and giggled, doing a few jumping jacks for good measure. Wow, KStew was smart for wearing sneakers tonight! Where was she headed in such a hurry? Kristen had to get back into the house to watch the rest of the show.

10:45: Cameron Diaz chilling with Kings of Leon outside of their trailer -- lots of laughing.

10:54: Moments after winning his Generation Award, Ben Stiller came backstage and told us he was a big fan of the "New Moon" trailer, and that he was really impressed by Taylor Lautner turning into a wolf. Always a friend to his fellow man, Ben also said that he wants to give the "Twilight" stars some soup.

10:56: Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens talking and laughing as they made there way back to their dressing room.

10:58: Jonah Hill says this is the best Movie Awards in years. Loving what Andy is doing.

11:01: Taraji P. Henson and Forest Whitaker headed over to the afterparty together.

11:05: Executive Producer Mark Burnett making his way to Andy Samberg's room where there were cheers to talk about the show.

11:07: Zachary Quinto, Zachary Levi and Hayden Panettiere heading over to the afterparty together, with Jonah Hill following closely behind.

11:08: Ashley Greene and the mom from "Twilight" heading to the ladies room together backstage.

11:45: The awards are finished, and Kristen Stewart left the Gibson Amphitheatre in a most unusual way. About a quarter of a mile away, uphill, is the tourist-populated Universal Citywalk. According to multiple eyewitnesses, the dress-wearing, sneaker-clad Stewart emerged from a side gate and bolted through the crowd toward a parking garage. Smiling at people as she ran past, the fleet-footed Twilighter made her way into the "Curious George" parking garage, while her limo sat unoccupied back at the Amphitheatre.