The 'New Moon' Trailer is Live! Tell Us Your Reactions, Twilight Nation!

Alright everybody: Sit down, take a deep breath, and focus. Okay, you can watch the “New Moon” trailer one more time below…Then sit down, take a deep breath and focus.

So, what do you think? Did you remember to upload your reaction video to You R Here? If not, be sure you do! Also: Be sure to head on over to the Movies page to read our patented shot-by-shot of the new footage.

My first thoughts are that the trailer is exactly what I wanted to see. Better hair, better tension, some stuff for the girls and some stuff for the guys too. What we saw looks quite faithful to Stephenie’s “New Moon” novel, and a good link to Catherine Hardwicke’s film – but it seems like Chris Weitz isn’t afraid to stray when necessary, as you can see in a lot of the stuff with Taylor Lautner.

After all his hard work, I’m psyched that they gave Taylor a shirtless scene. Wow, never thought I’d write that.

I also like that you get chills the first time you see all the Cullens coming together at the birthday party. They’ve all become that iconic – a fact well-witnessed with all the attention they’ve received for this year’s MTV Movie Awards.

Laurent’s eyes look much more intense than the vampires did in the first film. Both RPattz and KStew seem to have great moments that showcase them as the fine actors that they are. And watching Jackson Rathbone finally get to attack Bella is a blast.

My complaints? Well, there’s only one for me (hey, I’ve gotta find something!). As cool as it is to finally see Jacob transform, and as nice a job as they did shredding all his clothes, I’m not yet sold on the look of that wolf. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m seeing some “Golden Compass” in that CGI – and that’s not necessarily a good thing. Then again, the movie has six months to fine-tune the visual effects – and we’ve seen films from “Iron Man” to “Transformers” improve trailer glimpses before the movie is released.

But overall, the “New Moon” trailer is awesome! I’ve already watched it many, many times – and now, I want to know what you guys think!

Is the “New Moon” trailer perfect in your opinion? What could be better about it? What parts of the novel don’t you see that you wish you could? What is your favorite moment in the trailer? Let us know!

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