Kings of Leon Hop On The 'Twilight' Bandwagon

By Jocelyn Vena, with additional reporting by Tim Kash

Anyone who didn’t already know who the Kings of Leon were will get to know them when they hit the MTV Movie Awards, stage to perform “Use Somebody.”

“I think we’ll win them over,” Kings guitarist Caleb Followill told MTV News just moments before rehearsing for the big show. “We already got the ‘High School Musical’ kids and the ‘Twilight’ kids.

So, considering the likes of Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson are already fans of the guys, which side do they fall on: Team Twilight or Team High School Musical? “It’s tough. We have friends on both sides,” Caleb said before he went with a different team altogether. “I love ‘Slumdog.’ When I saw the movie, I thought it was great, brilliant.”

But his brother and the band’s bassist, Jared Followill, decided he’d pick a side. Although he’s known Efron for a while, it seems he’s decidedly on Team Twilight. “I really liked ‘Twilight’ a lot. It was a cool, generational kind of movie. I thought it was really pretty.”

So just how do a bunch of Southern rockers get ready for a show as big as the Movie Awards? It’s a strange combination of things, actually.

“We prepare for everything the same kind of way,” Jared said. “You got to get in your own comfort zone, which involves drinking.” Caleb added, “Or yoga.”

Or, actually drunken yoga, but that comes with a warning: “Don’t do it in front of girls,” Jared said. “Something may fall out."