'Twilight' Fans as MTV Movie Awards Seat Fillers? OME!

To help celebrate the seven nominations of “Twilight” at tomorrow’s MTV Movie Awards, we’ve selected four special guests to act as seat fillers. Twilighters need no introduction to Bailey “NoMoreMarbles” Gauthier, or the Evil Iguana Team behind the immensely-popular “Twilight” Trailer Spoof. Now, Bailey clues us into their plans as the foursome prepare for Sunday’s show.

I’m here in LA with my fellow YouTube pals Craig, Joe and Tom. You might be wondering why this matters...well, some of our good friends at MTV have pulled a few strings to get us in as seat fillers for this year’s MTV Movie Awards - Which is only the most awesome job any “Twilight” fan could have, because of all the sweet nominations and “Twilight”-related guests that are going to be at this event.

That’s right, when RPattz gets up to accept his awards (which he will be receiving, because I’ve voted every day) I’m going to fight the rest of the seat fillers off to keep that man's seat warm. It will be amazing. I don't care if my pals get stuck filling the back seats in the house, just so long as I get to share the seat of the hottest vampire this world has ever seen.

Yesterday, we got our first behind-the-scenes taste of the Awards, complete with an epic golf-kart ride around Universal. Whenever a tour group would pass by, we’d try to pretend we were famous - I am of the opinion that it worked. I think a group of tourists were convinced we were Paramore.

Today we're getting up to go check out the Gibson Amphitheatre, where the show will be taking place. I’m so stoked to see exactly where all the stars shall be seated, and possibly me in their place. I’ll spend a good portion of that tour trying to map out the quickest route to Rob Pattinson's spot. I figure if I can out-maneuver the rest of my fellow fillers, his seat shall be mine! Oh it will be mine... don't judge me.

Any Seat-Filling advice for Bailey and the Evil Iguana guys? Be sure to keep an eye out for them during Sunday’s broadcast!