Lo Bosworth Braves Our Fashion 360 Camera On The Movie Awards Red Carpet

"Hills" star Lo Bosworth has had a busy week as one of the MTV Movie Awards weekend guest hosts, getting styled and seeing all the action that takes place behind the scenes at the Gibson Amphitheatre. And now she can check one more item off her bucket list: having her picture taken by our Fashion 360 red-carpet camera.

The reality star told MTV News she'd really like to see Zac Efron get his picture taken by the 48 cameras that capture an image and take a 3-D picture of the subject. Lo got her photo taken by throwing popcorn in the air and posing with her arms up.

"I see it right there. I think it's so cool," she said after seeing the photo on the screen on the red carpet. "I never thought it would turn out so good.

"They wanted me to pose so that parts of my body were in different planes, so when you see it in 360 mode, it's not just standing there," she explained of how the camera works. "They had me look at one camera, and then they took a picture and they all go off at the same time. That's how you get that cool frame."

Come Sunday, when the MTV Movie Awards red carpet goes live, all the celebrities will be stopping by to have their 3-D picture taken. But Lo will always be the camera's first.