Eminem And Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Are Both Set To Appear At The MTV Movie Awards... Will Sparks Fly Again?

Eminem and Triumph the Insult Comic DogThis fact hasn't been discussed too much, but Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is one of the presenters at this Sunday's MTV Movie Awards. Longtime MTV viewers should be well aware of why this is significant, particularly with Eminem on the performance roster, but I'll fill the rest of you in on the history. Make no mistake, there is quite a history.

Triumph has appeared on the MTV Video Music Awards numerous times. Since dishing out insults is sort of his "thing," some of those appearances have been... well... problematic. And where Eminem is concerned, they've been downright explosive. Triumph interviewed a number of celebs at the 2002 Video Music Awards, but was shoved away by Eminem's bodyguards when he approached the rapper. Triumph responded later in the evening with a mock press conference in which he told Eminem to "lighten up."

Now we've got Triumph and Eminem in the same building on Sunday night for the 2009 MTV Movie Awards. Will sparks fly again? In fairness, Eminem did admit in his 2008 autobiography "The Way I Am" that he acted rashly towards Triumph at the '02 VMAs. So maybe the seemingly inevitable encounter between man and dog on Sunday night will be a peaceful one. You'll have to tune in to MTV at 9pm EST to find out!

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