Eli Roth Opens Up On His Next Two Projects, 'Endangered Species' And 'Thanksgiving'

Eli RothWe'll be seeing Eli Roth soon enough when he appears on August 21 as Sgt. Donny Donowitz in Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds." For those who are worried that the "Hostel" director has been gone too long from behind the camera, there is hope. Roth revealed his next two two projects in an interview with Empire.

First up is an entirely new sci-fi story, "Endangered Species." Roth had nothing specific to say about the project other than the title. Said the man himself, "that's the first time I've uttered those two words."

The next bit of news is potentially more exciting for fans who are familiar with Roth's past work. The director plans to give the full-blown feature treatment to "Thanksgiving," a fake trailer that played as an intermission between "Death Proof" and "Planet Terror" at theatrical screenings of "Grindhouse." The trailer has the feel of a "Halloween" bite-off -- albeit an incredibly low-budget one -- featuring a butcher knife-wielding killer in a pilgrim's hat. Very classy stuff.

Roth plans for "Thanksgiving" the movie to fall close to what fans saw in the mock trailer. He told Empire, "I just want to go, go, go. Get as much footage, and as many kills as possible, and not be self-conscious." From the sound of things, Roth is treating the project like an experimental follow-up to "Nation's Pride," the film-within-a-film from "Inglourious Basterds." Said Roth, "[I will] still take it seriously, as a real movie, but [I'll] just do it in 18 says and see what the hell happens when I really push myself." I wish you luck, Mr. Roth.

Excited for "Thanksgiving"? Care to venture some suggestions of what we might expect from a sci-fi title like "Endangered Species"? Finally, am I the only one left who's still rattled by Roth's striking similarity to "Star Trek" and "Heroes" actor Zachary Quinto?