Brad Silberling's Return To 'Lemony Snicket' Inches Closer To Reality

'Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events'Earlier this week, "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events" director Brad Silbering -- who also directed next week's "Land of the Lost" -- mentioned that a return trip to author Daniel Handler's universe has not been forgotten. His comments unfortunately didn't elaborate any more than that, igniting all sorts of speculation among fans.

Now, SCI FI Wire has caught up with Silbering and unearthed a few more details. The director had this to say: "Daniel Handler and I stayed in touch [after 'A Series...'], and I think just charging off and doing another live-action movie is one way to go... [but] what I got excited about was the idea of completely turning [the franchise] on its ear and finding a whole other medium in which to work."

What medium might that be, you ask? Stop-motion animation. That's not a confirmation mind you, simply a direction that Silberling would like to consider taking the series in. It's a sensible idea, considering that Handler's series is quite lengthy (13 books) and that the child actors from the original film are now too old.

Unfortunately, if you're hoping for a timeframe then you're going to have to keep waiting. Silbering went on to explain that there remain unresolved legal issues relating to the franchise. "There was a studio split between Paramount and DreamWorks... [but] I think Paramount in particular had expressed interest in maybe trying to find a way back to the franchise." So perhaps there's hope yet for Lemony Snicket's future in Hollywood.

How would you feel if "Lemony Snicket" made the jump into animated features? How about stop-motion (a la "The Corpse Bride") in particular? If the move is made from live action to animation, do you want to see a "reboot" of the franchise, starting from square one at the first book?

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