Paul Verhoeven To Bring Some More Crazy In 'The Surrogate'

Paul VerhoevenEven if the name Paul Verhoeven is unfamiliar to you, I guarantee you've heard of his movies. "RoboCop." "Starship Troopers." "Total Recall." "Basic Instinct." "Showgirls." The man absolutely excels at turning apparent trash into something fantastic.

The Dutch director is bringing his considerable talents back to Hollywood to direct "The Surrogate," according to The Hollywood Reporter. Don't confuse that title with "Surrogates," an upcoming graphic novel adaptation starring Bruce Willis and directed by Jonathan Mostow.

"The Surrogate" actually is an adaptation, of the 2004 novel by Kathryn Mackel. The story follows a childless couple who, down to their last frozen embryo, turn to a surrogate. A surrogate with a dark past. A surrogate with a dark past who turns out to be insane. Sounds like perfect Verhoeven territory to me.

What's your favorite Paul Verhoeven flick? Do you think "The Surrogate" is a good fit for his particular style of filmmaking?