Kurt Loder Reviews 'Drag Me To Hell'

'Drag Me To Hell'FROM MTV.COM: They don't make movies like "Drag Me to Hell" anymore. Or at least they haven't since Sam Raimi unleashed his bloody-disgusting "Evil Dead" horror satires back in the 1980s. Now Raimi has taken time out from the money-gushing "Spider-Man" franchise to return to his gore-logged quickie-flick roots, and he hasn't lost his touch. You want flying eyeballs? Face-chewing fiends? Projectile worm-spew? You got it.

The story, devised by Raimi and his brother Ivan, concerns an L.A. bank-loan officer named Christine (sunny Alison Lohman, made to be menaced). Christine is bucking for a promotion. When an old woman comes into the bank begging for an extension on her mortgage payment, Christine attempts to demonstrate a merciless bankerly nature by turning her down. Since the woman has one dead eye, long demon nails, and the sort of snaggly teeth that suggest she's spent decades gnawing on drainpipes, any infant might have advised Christine not to get on this hag's to-do list. But she does. Such a bad move.

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