'Hills' Star Frankie Delgado Gets Styled For The MTV Movie Awards

Frankie Delgado snagged himself the awesome job of being one of MTV News' correspondents for the MTV Movie Awards, and with the show just days away, he headed over to the Armani Exchange store in Los Angeles along with celebrity stylist Wouri Vice to check out possible red-carpet looks.

Like Lo Bosworth, he tried on many looks and had a hard time deciding how to nail the casual-but-not-too-casual look that works best for a show like the MTV Movie Awards.

Frankie tried on several looks at Armani, including a vest and matching pants which Frankie called "the MC Hammer look." He also tried on a cardigan with a tie and dress shirt, which seemed closer to what he wanted to wear at the show. He then tried on a white jacket with dark pants as well as a gray suit, which seemed to best embody the feel he was going for.

To see how he looked in all the outfits, check out the video and photos. Frankie is also counting on you to help him decide what to wear to the big show, so vote now!