Catherine Hardwicke Opens Her Home To Our Tour Of 'Twilight' Origins

Robert. Kristen. Taylor. Paramore. The kiss. The fight. "Twilight."

By now, it’s the stuff of legend – and come Sunday at the MTV Movie Awards, the stars of “Twilight” seem likely to finally receive all the little gold statues that confirm their significance in the world of pop culture. Which made it all the cooler today when I visited the house of director Catherine Hardwicke for a rare opportunity to see where it all began.

I know many of you Twilighters have had the pleasure of meeting Catherine in person, and let me tell you – she’s every bit as sweet and eager-to-please as you would expect. She met me and MTV’s Tim Kash at the door of her Venice home, introduced us to her cat, the Black Velvet Luxury Item, and gave us an awesome tour to celebrate the film's seven Movie Award nominations.

When it came time to talk about “The Kiss,” Catherine showed us the infamous bed that she not only made RPattz and KStew audition (um…makeout!) on, but that she sleeps in every night. When we talked about Kristen’s Best Actress nomination, Catherine showed us the dining room where Stewart read the biology scene with various Edward candidates.

Catherine gave us an exclusive peek at the backyard where she made Taylor Lautner audition with a scene from “New Moon,” the scribbled lyrics of Paramore’s song, and even the secret “shrine” that she keeps in her kitchen.

Keep an eye on the MTV Movies page and the Movies Blog over the next couple days, as we countdown to Sunday’s Movie Awards by bringing you the origins of “Twilight” and its nominated moments. Because until now, the only way you’d be able to see this stuff would be if you were auditioning for one of Catherine’s movies.

Which “Twilight” nomination do you most hope they’ll win on Sunday?