Attention Twilighters: Excited For The 'New Moon' Trailer? Then We Want You To Webcam!

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in 'The Twilight Saga's New Moon'In case you haven't heard, the first trailer for "New Moon" will be premiering on the MTV Movie Awards this Sunday. And judging from the tens of thousands of you who've already read our article, it's safe to say the Twilighter community is abuzz with anticipation.

So with that said, we have a request. We know you're excited about finally seeing the trailer -- we want you to show us that! Boot up your webcam and film your reaction to the news about the "New Moon" trailer's premiere. Are you squealing over seeing RPattz and K-Stew in their new sequel? Are you having trouble catching your breath for Taylor Lautner's new muscly physique? Then show us on camera. We'll be airing some of the best on MTV!

To partake, head on over to and upload your webcam reaction (make sure to tag your video as “Twilight” so we can find it). And then check back as we post the highlights!