Get Your Official 2009 MTV Movie Awards Countdown Widget Right Here

See that little Flash critter down there? It's hard to miss if your a Twilighter, what with the big "New Moon" poster plastered on it. That is your handy-dandy official 2009 MTV Movie Awards countdown widget. I'll give you one guess what that timer is ticking off the hours to. What's more, at the stroke of 9pm EST on Sunday, the widget will magically turn itself into a video window which is hooked in to stream the Movie Awards show direct. It's like "Cinderella" but earlier. And without the pumpkin.

If you've got a website or a blog or some other space on the web where you can make text and images appear, feel free to grab the widget and post it yourself. Just click the "Share" link located above the timer and either copy the embed code into your web space or use one of the MySpace/Facebook/Blogger/etc. links to do it automatically. And of course...

Make sure to tune in on Sunday night at 9pm EST for the 2009 MTV Movie Awards!